Winter 2020

"F" Litter

   Broward Shepherds Proudly Announces An Incredible European Import Breeding of  OurTwo Titled GSD's with Excellent Pedigree's!!

 Mother Nature Dictates But We Are Estimating The Above Time Frame Based on Her Current Natural Cycle .  We Are Guesstimating next heat will be  December/ puppies born  February / puppies go home 8 weeks later, Approximately April 2021

If the Timing is Right Reserve Your Puppy Now Before They're All Sold Out.  Don't Miss Out on the Opportunity of Having One of their Incredible Puppies!!!

**Wait list & Deposits for this litter has already started**

      Rio's Pedigree


VA(BSZS, DK, NL)Fred vom  Rumbachtal   

SchH3, Kkl1   

**Planned Litters may be subject to change (stud) given unplanned        situations, although not  likely.  SAME SIRE BLOODLINE used

         V Ethan vom Bestinhaus.         Any questions please contact us***            

Our Dam SG Raika:

Black and deep red long-coat German Shepherd dam.  Raika is a medium sized GSD weighing 60 lbs. She is a very happy and powerful female, confident, courageous and strong with outstanding show type superior drive as displayed in the 2019 German Seiger Show that was held in Nurnberg Germany. 

Raika is expressive, has a pronounced head, thick paws and is built in correct proportion.

This dam has sequential locomotive movement with an absolute ground covering gait, has a secure temperament, she has a sweet and loving disposition, but will alert when called for given the situation. 

Raika has excellent genetic health, an great pedigree and her Dentition Certification reveals No "Shot Bite" or Missing Teeth.

Our Sire V Rio:

Large, medium-strong, substantial, energetic male with very good expression, built up in the right ratio, dry and firm. Very strong, very well proportioned head with dark eyes, harmonious top and bottom lines, correct angulations of the fore and hindquarters with strongly muscled legs, straight front. With a very good back transfer and steady grandeur, he shows straight ahead, creating space-creating corridors from powerful supplies and with good advance. Pronounced TSB (Bite Work)

          Ethan's Pedigree


VA(BSZS, DK, NL)Fred vom  Rumbachtal   

SchH3, Kkl1   

 To make a non refundable $500 deposit, please click below.  Remember that the order that the puppy picks are done is according to the order that the deposits come in.  SORRY, NO EXCEPTIONS!!


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**Wait list & Deposits for this litter has already started**

1st Pick Male Reserved for Alexandria in Orlando, FL / 3/26/2020 

      "Good Dog"

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2nd Pick Male Reserved for Lauren, in Ohio / 08/04/2020 

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