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            ( BSZS-2023 ) V15 Atreju vom Wanakon
                                   BH, IGP-3, KKl, LUW:0
                SV-HD: Normal        SV-ED: Normal  
                       DM: Clear/Normal       LÜw 0

Sire / Like Father Like Son, Only Much Better!! 

Breed Survey 

Medium-sized, medium-bodied, dry and firm, very good building conditions. Very good expression, well pigmented, good embossing. Strong head, dark eye. High, long withers, straight, firm back, very good length and location of the croup. Very well angled forelegs and hindquarters. Balanced chest proportions, straight front. Pedaling straight, it shows very powerful, fluid gears with very good grandeur. Safe nature, TSB pronounced.
V. Very typey overall appearance.
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