V Rio von Gebrüder Grimm IPO 3, BH, Kkl

         DN61266101 / SV2315462 / DNA#V917202)

Now Available in 2021 

                                Proven Stud Services










We provide Proven Stud services to approved females. Our stud Rio is a proven, quality male of Champion bloodline. We can have fresh or frozen sperm ready within 48 hours for shipping or pick-up. We use Mor Veterinary Center  located in Southwest Ranches, Florida.  Sperm analysis is available.

For the cost of frozen semen  please contact us via email Info@Browardshepherds.com and include your location for shipping.

The cost of live stud service is $1500.00 plus the veterinary cost of an Artificial Insemination (fee may vary, typically $175.00 First Insemination & $75.00 2nd insemination two days later).



Chilled semen is available within 48 hrs. and shipped overnight by FedEx. Cost of Chilled Semen is same as live cover PLUS collection and shipping cost (fee may vary).


1. Pedigree Compatibility 

To ensure that we are not breeding  two closely related animals and to make sure that we are not breeding different lines of GSD, a Pedigree of the female must be provided.  We will not agree to breed our stud if progeny will have inline breeding  closer than 3-3. 


2. Genetic Health Screening 

A female must  have successfully passed Genetic Health Screening as recommended for the breed.  A proof of all results  must be presented to us, which includes at minimal OFA Certification of Hips & Elbows Dysplasia: Normal, DM Screening "Normal". and AKC DNA is recommended & required for litter registration (note that results may take 6-8 weeks).

3. Temperament, Health & Age of the Female

A female must be in a healthy condition, stable temperament and of recommended breeding age. between two and six years old.



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