V Rio von Gebrüder Grimm IPO 3, BH, Kkl

              (DN61266101 / SZ2315462 / DNA#V917202)

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VA(BSZS, DK, NL)Fred vom  Rumbachtal   

SchH3, Kkl1   

Translated Dog/Breed Assessment


Overall Assesment:

Large, medium-strong, substantial, energetic male with very good expression, built up in the right ratio, dry and firm. Very strong, very well proportioned head with dark eyes, harmonious top and bottom lines, correct angulations of the fore and hindquarters with strongly muscled legs, straight front. With a very good back transfer and steady grandeur, he shows straight ahead, creating space-creating corridors from powerful supplies and with good advance. Pronounced TSB (Bite Work)


General Information:

Height at withers: 65,0/65,0/65,0/65,0 cm

Chest depth: 30,0 cm

Chest circumference: 82,0 cm

Weight: 38,0 kg

Pigment: plentiful

Coat: long stock hair with undercoat

Testicles: well developed


II. Evaluation of general condition, size, structure, firmness of ligaments, gait, drives, self confidence and loadability (TSB)

III. Temperament, nerves, gun sureness, drives, self confidence, loadability (TSB)

Temperament: firm; natural; lively

Alert, Attentive: present

Nerves: firm

Impartiality: present

Gun sureness: present

TSB: pronounced


IV. Evaluation in stand and motion

V. Special qualities / faults (to supplement overall assessment)

Energetic, correctly constructed male with very good building harmony.


VI. Recommended for breeding


Secondary sex characteristics: pronounced

Constitution: medium strong; dry

Expression: lively

Structural characteristics: normal proportions; substantial

Bones: medium strong; dry

Muscles: strong; dry

Firmness of ligaments, front: very good

Firmness of ligaments, rear: very good

Back: firm

Elbow alignment: very good

Firmness of pasterns: good

Front: straight

Croup: normal length; normal lay

Firmness of hocks: good

Gait: Front: straight gait; Rear: straight gait

Length of stride - front reach: good

Length of stride - rear drive: very effective

Nails: dark

Paws: Front: round, tight; Rear: round, tight

Head: very strong

Color of eyes: dark

Upper jaw: strong

Lower jaw: strong

Dentition: healthy; strong; without gaps; scissors bite

Dentition faults: None