(SZ2346914 / AKC DN61142301 / DNA#V915810)

                     SV-HD: Normal        SV-ED: Normal


V Titled Parents 

    Awarded Tops Show Ratings of  SG at The German Sieger Show 

     in Nurnberg Germany at 19 months of age & has Certified Dentition              

  Provide You With The Tools, Do Your Research, As We Do Ours            To Provide You with the Best Possible outcome/Puppy                     

Bundessieger-Zuchtschau SV 2019     Nürnberg Deutschland

RAIKA 3_A.jpg

Black and deep red long-coat German Shepherd dam.  Raika is a medium sized GSD weighing 65 lbs. She is a very happy and powerful female, confident, courageous and strong with outstanding show type superior drive as displayed in the 2019 German Seiger Show that was held in Nurnberg Germany. 


Raika is expressive, has a pronounced head, thick paws, confident and balanced and is built in correct proportion.


This dam has sequential locomotive movement with an absolute ground covering gait, has a secure temperament, she has a sweet and loving disposition, but will alert when called for given the situation. 


Raika has excellent genetic health, an great pedigree and her Dentition Certification reveals No "Shot Bite" or Missing Teeth.

Pablo vom Nordteich.jpg