Fall 2020 "E' Litter                                      

                    Puppies Born 11/25/2020 - 2 Girls & 3 Boys                    

      These Puppies Available the Week of January 26th, 2021          

EU-IMPORT  Orna Vom Haus Neoplantum CGC CGCA

      DN55741501 / JR812305 / AKC DNA V872006

                   SV-HD: Normal        SV-ED: Normal


V (SG BSZS JHKLR 2017) Ultimo vom Hanneß

                                  IPO1 Kkl Passed


                        Bred with H.E.A.R.T.

Black and deep red long coat / long hair medium German Shepherd dam.  She is a very happy and powerful female, confident, courageous and strong with outstanding show type superior drive.  She is expressive, very well deep red pigmented, has a pronounced head, she is built in correct proportion, substantial, dry and firm.  This dam is sequential locomotive movement with an absolute ground covering gait, is safe in nature, has a secure temperament, very clear in the head and has excellent genetic health.  Orna weighs 60 lbs.


Large male, weighing 89 lbs., medium strength, very expressive, dry and firm. High withers, straight back, good length and position of the croup. Correct front and rear angulation. Balanced chest proportions, straight movement from the front and rear. Good movement with very powerful rear drive with good front reach.

Breeding Recommendations: Suitable for improving character and pigment

1st Pick Female Reserved / Kim - Ft. Lauderdale, FL- 04/04/2020 

2nd Pick Female Reserved / John - Loxahatchee, FL- 08/04/2020 

1st Pick male Reserved / Edmond - Massachusetts- 07/17/2020 

2nd Pick Male Reserved / Chase - Loxahatchee, FL- 08/05/2020 

3rd Pick Male Reserved / Vanessa - Cape Coral, FL - 01/01/2021